Wednesday, June 25, 2008

An Earring Whirlwind!

Earrings are my favourite type of jewelry to make. I love wire wrapping bracelets and necklaces, which can be very meditative and soothing, but earrings are hands down my favourite items. Something about how small they are, and making two pieces that match each other perfectly appeals to me.

I recently ran out of sterling silver earwires and had a forced break from creating earrings. I had placed a large silver order and thought I'd included earwires, but when I ran out of my old stash and checked the new stash I discovered that I'd made a mistake and forgotten to add earwires to the order. I immediately placed a new order, but unfortunately bubble envelopes from the States are taking about 2 weeks to get to Canada, so I was unable to make new earrings for that period of time.

Thus, when my order arrived with 100 shiny new sterling earwires, I got straight to work bring to life designs that had been percolating in my mind. Two days later I had six new pairs of earrings, which I photographed in one afternoon and listed over two days. I'm very proud of this batch and can't wait for them to find loving homes. :D

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