Saturday, June 28, 2008

And the winner is....... *drumroll*

I just ran my very first contest! I was inspired by two lovely women I met in the Etsy forums, HappyTazzie and CelticKnot who have both run successful contests in the Promotion forum. Sales were slow and I was a bit bored, so I decided to give it a try. :)

I made a post stating that the first 20 people to post in the thread would get their name in the hat, and I would pull for three winners. First place got a $10 discount on any item in my shop, second and third place each got a $5 discount.

It took a lot longer than I thought it would to get 20 people to post, but it was probably due to my choice of day and time (mid afternoon on a Wednesday) and also perhaps because my title wasn't "grabby" enough. But with my frequent, determined posts and the generous help of the people who were involved, we finally made it to 20 contestants before the day was out. :)

I wrote down all the names on paper, cut them apart and then drew for the winners.

First place went to mistym03, who has a very colourful, eclectic little Etsy shop. She chose this gorgeous bracelet that my mother, Juanita, designed and created.

Second place went to mystiqueisland, who has some truly gorgeous photographs for sale in her lovely Etsy shop. She's going on vacation and chose one of my premade vacation banners with her prize money.

The person who won third place in the contest hasn't gotten back to me yet, but I will update this post when I know more! :)

On the whole, I think this contest was a great success! I met a lot of lovely people, and was very blessed to have the support of some friends who helped keep my contest running. A big thank you to jessijewels, Debashri, CelticKnot, BrittanyAlecia and cottonlily for all of your help with keeping the thread bumped up in the quicksand-like environment of the Promotion forum. :)

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Mystique Island Photography said...

great contest Sarah and thanks again for the prize!! :))