Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Poll: Be Surprised or Know Upfront?

Would you rather know that you're getting a free gift with purchase, or be surprised when you open the package?

I have been including freebies in my packages and letting it be a surprise, because I think that surprises are fun. But I wonder if mentioning in my shop announcement and/listings that a free gift is included with every purchase might be a bit of an incentive to buy?

I have been sending out free earrings with jewelry purchases, but for the photos that have been bought I couldn't do earrings (I didn't want them to damage the pic in transit), so I included stickers in one (it was to decorate a kids' room, so the stickers were for the kids) and in the other, a bookmark. I was also thinking of branching out into cell phone charms.

So, which do you prefer? To be surprised, or to know up front?


Inky Productions said...

new poll category - both work for me! I love freebies!

Luvkids334 said...

I love to be surprised. I add free gifts to my packages but never let the people know, I figure sometimes it's nice to be surprised. I treat it as a thankyou please come back again as opposed to if you buy from me I'll send you something free.

jessijewels said...

I keep it as a surprise. I always wish for there to be a little something extra in the packages that I recieve so I want my customers to feel the same when they open up a package from me. I say, Bring on the freebies!!! :)


Lauren Alexander said...

I love freebies. I am inclined to buy when a store if having a freebie giveaway or something but I also LOVE it when I get my package and see something extra inside - if it relates to what I bought of course!

earmark said...

hmm a surprise always feels good, but it is also nice to know about freebies! sorry I am no help! great blog :)

Paper Girl Productions said...

Suprises are definitely fun!

Estela said...

I give away a freebies as well.
A ton of etsy sellers give a freebie but I've had a few that don't and I'll admit, I get disappointed! haha