Friday, August 8, 2008

Treasury- Swing and Miss

I love to make Treasuries. Sifting through Etsy looking for phenomenal products with great photos is a lot of fun. I realized that it's been quite a while since I actually made a Treasury, so I recently started checking both the Main Treasury and Treasury West to see if I could catch one.

But luck just isn't on my side. Every time I look they're both very full, meaning it will be awhile before either one opens up again. And when they get to be about an hour or two from opening up, I wind up distracted with a chore or end up going for a walk.

I used to have really good "Treasury Karma" and was able to catch one every time I put my mind to it. I learned a great trick from some people in the forums - never refresh the page. If you refresh it, you resend all of the info and are likely to lose your space. But if you just leave it open and you're patient enough, it will always open up for you. Using that technique, I've snagged a Treasury every time I've sat and waited and been on time.

My problem at the moment is never catching it at the right time to sit and wait. But I shall not give up! I'm sure that my luck will change back and I will once again be a Golden Treasury Snatcher. Oh yes..... I will snatch a Treasury......

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