Thursday, October 16, 2008

Etsy Finds - Christmas and Holiday cards

That's right, the time has come to start thinking about who you're going to send holiday or Christmas cards to, and what kinds of beautiful cards you will choose! :) This is a great time to get your hands on some items from the talented card makers on Etsy. Here are a few of my picks.

From hdawnparratt - Deck The Halls Cat Card

(click photos to view items)
And Snowmen Sleigh Ride

From jessijewels- Merry Christmas

And Happy Holidays

From rubyclover - Christmas Cards, Set of 2

And Santa Christmas Cards, set of 2

Interested in my other Etsy Finds? Click on the "etsy finds" tag at the bottom of this post. :)


jessijewels said...

what a doll you are. thanks bunches for including my Christmas cards. what an horor... i've been blogged twice!!!!!!!!!! thanks again miss sarah! -hugs

RubyClover said...
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BeadNestDesigns said...

Hi Sarah Jane! Love all your new features!

And... TAG, you're it! I hope you'll play along, I really had fun putting my stuff together.

Come to my blog to find out more!
~Robin :)

MirthQuake said...

Great set of cards. So much better than the usual tree and ornament!

Oh btw: TAG you're it!!

Sarra Eaton said...

I love the Merry Christmas one. So fun! Totally enjoyed this post. Thanks!